Breaking News: Production Finalised!

Perhaps it may seem a little premature, as The Drowned Earth Kickstarter is in April, but I’m all about getting things sorted as early as possible, to free up time to handle the problems and crises which will no doubt occur!

I have just arranged our production with an excellent company in Mainland Europe who already produce for a couple of big names in the wargaming and miniatures industry.

Production will be in high grade metal. My original vision was for resin, but the difficulty involved in mass producing resin models means that the price will be untenable. This solution is an excellent compromise between price and quality- I was unwilling to use metal unless I could guarantee the level of quality turned out by companies like Corvus Belli, who’s metals are truly impressive. I have, after all, spent a lot of time and money investing in excellent sculpts, and want the production miniatures to represent that! I’m now confident I can indeed guarantee the quality our sculpts deserve, and that makes me a very happy camper!

I should have some samples to show reasonably soon, but in the meantime, have a look at some photos I took of the workshop and equipment :

Watch your fingers- they're still hot!

Hard at work, de-moulding components.

Armies of happy little toy soldiers came from these!

So many moulds!

Mmmm... Molten miniatures...

Don’t drink it! You won’t get an armour save…

All you need to make high quality metal miniatures

Here we have the actual casting machines

Everything you need to make the highest quality metal miniatures

I like Hardware!

A Spin Casting Mould for Wargaming Miniatures

A production mould

Wargaming Miniatures ready to be shipped out

Bins containing lots and lots of toy soldiers!

A blind spin mould for The Drowned Earth early production

The Drowned Earth wargaming miniatures ready to be mastered.

A bunch of Drowned Earth minis prepped for mastering

The Drowned Earth wargaming minis Before Mastering… Exciting!

Wargaming Miniatures are born here!

Lots of activity!

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