Massive Profile Update!

After a bunch of play testing I have re-balanced the profiles, and added troop options!


Troops are an exciting way to get more variety in to your Skirmish games- at the moment each faction has two troop types- a basic line trooper and a more elite troop type. Both of these have skills which provide some tactical options and hints as to how they are best used.

Troops must be within 6″ of a Captain to be at their most effective, but each troop type can also be taken by a specific character from their faction, who functions as a Captain for that specific troop type.

There are also Heavy Troops, which provide slightly cheaper ways to access the best weaponry, although you may only take 1 Heavy Troop for each Captain in your Crew.

Eventually each faction will have more troop options, but I feel as though just two types have already opened up a lot of possibilities and made the game much more complex and interesting.

Of course these are just Beta profiles, and all is subject to change and refinement- I’d love to hear your feedback on how they play, and you can send it to me via the Feedback tab above!

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