Kickstarter Approaches: How will it look?

So as we get closer to April I’ve decided to write a few lengthier blog posts answering some of the questions I get asked, and being a little clearer about what we’re offering, and how I envisage the game on completion.

Of course, in a fog of activity, it’s sometimes easy to get bogged down by what you’re doing, and forget to take a step back and see how it all looks from the outside! What I can say, is that throughout this process I’ve had an eye to ensuring every aspect of the game is as high quality as I can manage. I’m also committed to doing everything I can to ensure that the manufacturing and fulfilment process go as smoothly as possible. The nature of kickstarter is, of course, that these things are not always controllable, but I’ve been researching everything I can, and where possible going through production cycles in order to get a “feel” for how to troubleshoot and futureproof.


So most of you know by now, I think, that the Kickstarter launches in April- the 16th to be precise. The following weekend, on Saturday the 22nd we will be at Salute running demo and participation games.

But what are we actually going to be offering you all at the Kickstarter, and what will you need to play?

We have developed four factions, each of which will initially consist of five character models at Kickstarter. There will also be two “beast” types, which all factions can recruit, and which might even be used in special scenarios as NPC combatants. However, at it’s core you need 3 models a side to play a 2x2ft “demo” game, and 5 models a side to play a 3x3ft full game. Higher points values and more models are possible, but by no means essential or a “better” experience.

We have plans for several miniature stretch goals, which I don’t want to talk too much about now, as they’re in process.

There will be a full colour, A4, hardback rulebook with rules in one half , and fluff in the other. In fact, depending on the success of the kickstarter we might expand the book a little to contain a few more scenarios, and possibly even a chapter on terrain.
However, the rulebook (without the fluff) will be available to download as a free PDF, so you don’t need to buy one in order to play.

We are also hoping to provide custom dice- these are not strictly necessary (normal D10’s will do at a pinch), but they’re nice to have.

Finally, we are hoping to be able to provide profile cards for each model- again these are not essential but are nice to have. They might be a stretch goal, and even if we cannot provide them we will put a PDF for each faction in the downloads section of the website.


I was initially hoping to provide some kind of token solution as well, but we will have to see about that. I’m aware of overburdening the project with “extras” which detract from the main goal of launching the game.

Likewise, I originally planned on offering terrain in the kickstarter, but after a few conversations with various people, I am edging towards the idea that this too may bring a level of complication which might risk our delivery dates- something I’m very serious about.
So I think the terrain solution may, instead, be to partner with a reputable terrain manufacturer, and offer every backer a special purchase of terrain suitable for TDE (and tested by us for playability). This would be a direct purchase from the terrain company, and not go through kickstarter, or have anything to do with us other than a recommendation.


So there you have it! Of course, there are many questions, such as how will the pledge levels look, what funding goal will we have, what sort of shipping costs out of the UK, and many more. It’s a bit early to tell, as I’m still in the planning stages, but I hope to have all of those things resolved reasonably soon.

Did I cover everything? What are you most looking forward to seeing?

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