The Drowned Earth Scenery 2

A few pictures!

Lots to report! Firstly, the Beta rulebook edit is approximately 70% done. I hope to have it live on the website before the end of October. Secondly, I may just have seen some sneak previews of the Artefacter character renders, and they are looking rather spiffing! Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of digital renders,[…]


Beta Release fast Approaching!

Now I’ve said this before… quite a few times actually, but this time it’s actually going to happen! I have spent the last month re-wording the rules to make them clearer, and adding illustrative diagrams so that the explanations of the rules really are as crystal clear as they can be. Additionally I’ve cleaned up[…]


Rulebook update and compiling.

As of today I have made some minor updates to the rulebook to reflect a few small changes here and there, but also to combine the profile document with the rulebook rather than having it as a separate document elsewhere. I guess I should warn you all that the proofing is nowhere near as good[…]