Drowned Earth

Surviving in the Ruins of the Past


Welcome to the TDE Open Beta. Download everything you need to play, completely free.

Game Rules

Download the current version of the rules book completely free. Remember, this is the Open Beta, so any feedback you wish to provide would be gratefully received. Most of all though, enjoy!

Character Standees

Print and Play! Some paper puppets for you to use if you’re dying to get started immediately, or perhaps Proxy miniatures aren’t your thing. Simply cut, fold and you’re ready to go.

Folk stories tell of boiling black skies raining fire while seas rose up to break the land asunder. Tales are told of the floods and devastation, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, the earthquakes, choking winds and an entire world dying, wreathed in flame. The result: a timeless and world spanning civilisation crushed in an almighty cataclysm the likes of which has never been seen before or since...

About the Game

Narrative Tabletop Wargaming Done Right!
Dynamic movement, Cinematic action, Narrative Gameplay.

The Drowned Earth is a Skirmish level, campaign based miniatures game. Combining dynamic movement with cinematic action, The Drowned Earth provides a unique and engaging game experience with a simple and streamlined rules set.

Currently in Open Beta you are encouraged to download the rules for free and proxy using any miniatures you like, even ones from your existing collection.

The Drowned Earth Campaign system combines the spirit of the Warband based games of our childhood with modern game design in order to avoid the unbalanced gameplay usually experienced in games which stress experience and progression.

We value your feedback! This is the Open Beta: Please let us know what you think of the game, so we can make it even better!

  • Cinematic Gameplay


  • Narrative


  • Complexity


  • Campaign Balance

    Moderately High


The results of genetic engineering and gene splicing, many intelligent species live in The Drowned Earth. Here are the four most populous.
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You and me. Adaptable and intelligent, Humans survive in a world which is no longer their own.

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The human race: I.E. You and me. Before the Event almost the entire population were human, but now we are the minority. Only the strongest have survived.
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Sentient Primates. Kind but powerful, some see them as gentle giants. Those people have never witnessed the an enraged Berengeii!

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Nobody knows why the Berengeii were created. Physically similar to the now extinct Gorilla, Berengeii are a highly intelligent and thoughtful species. Often quiet they are slow to anger, but fearsome when provoked!
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Reptillian splices. Fast and light on their feet, Sorrians live in both tribal and mixed urban societies. However, they do not always get along with other species.

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A genetically engineered blend of Human and various extinct and extant Reptilian species, the Sorrians are one of the most successful “splices” created by the Gene Architects of the pre-Event civilisation.
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Engineered Hominids. Small of stature but tough and enduring, this hardy species are famously good natured, but fearsome enemies.

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Short in stature and hardy in physique, the Dverg are genetically engineered humans bred to work. Often gravitating towards jobs as builders and engineers the Dverg are an industrious and integral part of many societies.



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